AGMS Gateway Hosted Payment Page

Hosted Payment Form

A state-of-the-art tool for fast and easy e-commerce.

The AGMS Gateway Hosted Payment Page allows you to generate a unique page for your customers in seconds that you can place on your website as a "Buy Now" button or send in an email or text message - all with no technical experience necessary! By using our hosted payment page, not only do you save the development time and expense of building a checkout process yourself, but it also completely outsources your payment functions to a secure, PCI Compliant service provider - nearly eliminating your liability for a data breach.

Hosted Payment Pages are also great for developers - our API allows you to create new payment pages on the fly so you can focus on your app while payments are efficiently handled securely. In addition to customizing what fields are showing, you can also set a return URL, the number of times the form can be used, pass hidden fields, display only fields, up to 20 custom fields, and even tokenize and save collected information in the Customer SAFE for future use via API.

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