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What is a Payment Gateway?

A Gateway is a cloud-based system that makes accepting payments quick, easy, and secure.

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Traditional Gateway

A Sales and pricing
B Risk monitoring
C Service provider
D Service and support
Separately outsourced to 3rd parties
Payment processing, service and support

Traditional Gateway

Typical 3rd party gateways are limited to:

Virtual terminal
Transaction api
Online reporting

And they stop here!

For everything else you’re on your own!

Credit Card Company Providers Credit card companies

AGMS Gateway

Seamlessly integrated by AGMS
Payment processing, service and support
Sales and pricing
Risk monitoring
Service provider
Service and support

AGMS Gateway

Turn-Key, Full-Service, Hassle-Free Payments

Virtual terminal
Transaction api
Online reporting
+ Extra services

Rather then stopping here...

AGMS offers dozens of features and state-of-the-art options to further empower your business!

Desktop Terminals
PC supported
Mac coming soon!
Mobile Apps
iPhone - iPad
Buy Now buttons
Donation buttons

Also available

Additional AGMS Gateway features

Online Invoicing
Reporting API
Multi-MID i

Multiple accounts in one!

Run payments on multiple processing accounts in the same gateway account. Great for multi-location offices!

Partners i

Certified Partners

Check out our Partners’ section for a list of certified service partners who care as much about your business as we do, and offer great products of their own, all powered by the AGMS Gateway!

Hosted Payment form
Customer SAFE i

Customer SAFE

Securely store customer information and payment card data in our PCI Compliant vault.

Recurring Billing
Custom Email Receipts
Starter Code
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Free setup and no monthly fee!
Developer API
Virtual Terminal
Hosted Payment Form
Recurring Billing
Customer SAFE
QuickBooks® Module
Express Portals
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