Direct pricing, negotiated on your behalf

AGMS instantly became one of the fastest growing service providers in the industry, in part due to our core philosophy of working for our clients, not for the banks and big processors. We have always used our national presence and buying power for the benefit of business owners like you. Unlike our competitors, who represent banks and negotiate pricing with business owners in their ongoing attempts to make as much profit and commission for themselves and their employers as possible, we represent our clients and negotiate with our various processing partners on YOUR behalf in order to ensure that you receive the best possible customized pricing catered to the specific needs of your business.

In-house 24/7 customer service and technical support

Our knowledgeable, “in-house” customer service and technical support staff stand ready 24/7 to respond immediately should you have a question, experience difficulty, or need assistance. Our expert teams will never abandon you in a time of crisis, such as an issue with a vital deposit or a malfunction that prevents you from running transactions, and maintain immediate access to escalated processor departments and emergency backup processing options when necessary. We always take responsive action to ensure that you are not forced to wait on hold for hours while trying to get assistance from an 3rd party outsourced call center.

VIP Account Monitoring

VIP Account Monitoring is a system of AGMS policies, procedures, and proprietary automated monitoring systems that verify, re-verify, and continually monitor your account information month after month to ensure that you remain properly categorized, you are charged exactly according to our agreement, your transactions are submitted properly, your account stays free and clear of misuse or abuse, and you are alerted to any avoidable downgrades and penalties.

No artificial rate increases

Industry rules, bank regulations, and government legislation introduce constant change to payment processing costs and transaction submission guidelines. Typical payment processing companies use these changes an opportunity to sneak additional charges and profit for themselves under the guise of the increase being a universal change outside of their control, when in fact it is the complete opposite. Backed by over a decade of historical proof, AGMS will never artificially increase your rates, add fees to pad our profits, or use a legitimate industry change as justification to inflate your pricing. Any and all adjustments to your AGMS account will only be done when absolutely necessary and will only be as a result of changes in operational costs, passed directly to you only when absolutely necessary.

Business-focused account monitoring

AGMS helps protect you from fraudsters and thieves, guides you when there is a suspected problem, and advises you on how to lower your risk of an incident. We understand how important it is to work through issues quickly for the sake of your business, and will never hold your funds or delay your processing in order to profit from collecting interest!

More than your typical payment processor

Typical payment providers do whatever they can to get you to sign on the dotted line and then walk away, never to be seen again. The moment you sign up with AGMS is the moment our work begins to help your business thrive. We provide elite customer service and technical support who have your back every step of the way, while offering exclusive products, innovative services, secure POS solutions, state-of-the-art technology, and proprietary marketing ideas to help you to increase your profits that simply no one else can offer.

Personal business consultants

As an AGMS client you are assigned dedicated individuals to provide personal service, oversee and manage your account, answer your questions immediately, and ensure that effective help comes quickly in a time of need. We are genuinely committed to work with you to help increase the profit of your business.

Super-fast deposits

AGMS offers the latest universal “next-day” funding cut-off time in the industry, currently 11pm Eastern Time, with a 2-business day turnaround alternative.

We stand behind our commitments

Our goal is for you to be an AGMS client for the life of your business. We know that in order to do so we need to continually earn your business by offering the best support, products, services, and pricing that gives you confidence in trusting us as your payment processing partner. We do not believe in traditional industry practices, such as tricking you into signing using deceptive scare tactics, making impossible promises, trapping you into contracts with cancellation fees, leaving you to fend for yourself after securing an up-front commission, or violating your trust by modifying the terms of the agreement only months after you’ve switched. We only make promises and commitments that we intend to keep and are eager for the opportunity to go above-and-beyond to help your business.