Batch Upload

The AGMS Gateway Batch Upload tool gives businesses the ability to upload a CSV spreadsheet of captured transactions into the AGMS Gateway and submit the batch to be processed. During the business's next settlement time, the batch of captures is processed and the funds are transferred. Get started by visiting the Upload tab.

Our tool makes it possible to process checks and upload information from another system, such as importing information from an outdated terminal or combining multiple sources of information into a single system for reconciling transactions. Batch spreadsheets can also be used to update, add, or deactivate Customer SAFE records. Learn how to use batch spreadsheets and create Customer SAFE records in the Batch to SAFE tab.

We have provided a walkthrough in the Formatting tab on how to align spreadsheet columns to the AGMS Gateway with just a few clicks.

Upload a Batch Spreadsheet

  1. Choose the batch file to upload (file type must be CSV format)
    choose a file to upload to the AGMS Gateway Batch Upload tool
  2. Select a file format, similar to a template, to use for the batch spreadsheet
    select a file format for the AGMS Gateway batch upload spreadsheet
  3. Click Process Bundle
    click process bundle to process the uploaded AGMS Gateway batch bundle
  4. Click OK to confirm processing the bundle of captures
    click OK to confirm the upload process for the AGMS Gateway batch bundle
  5. View the batch upload results to ensure the bundle processed successfully
    view batch upload bundle processing results for the AGMS Gateway batch upload tool

Create a Template For Batch Uploads

A list of all of the available fields that can be used for Batch Upload spreadsheets can be found here. To ensure that businesses are not held liable or lose any profits, we highly discourage including any sensitive information in their spreadsheets.

Businesses can use one of the spreadsheet templates below or create their own:

Mapping a Batch Upload spreadsheet to the AGMS Gateway

  1. In Bundle Processing, click Manage File Formats
    click Manage File Formats
  2. Choose a batch spreadsheet template file to upload
    choose a template file to upload
  3. Click Upload File & Continue
    click Upload File & Continue
  4. Give the template file a name that helps identify the actions that will be completed from the upload. This practice reduces confusion when determining which template to use when uploading a batch spreadsheet.
    give the template file a name
  5. Specify the data for each of the spreadsheet columns
    specify the data for each columncontinue specifying all columns
  6. Click Save File Format
    click Save File Format

Batch Upload to Customer SAFE

Customer SAFE records can be updated, deactivated, or new records can be created with a single upload of a batch spreadsheet. For a list of all Customer SAFE actions available, please see the SAFE Transaction Parameters.

Here is how to use a batch spreadsheet to create a Customer SAFE record in 3 easy steps:

  1. Specify the SAFE Action for the customer
    specify the SAFE Action
  2. Include the customer information to be stored in the SAFE record
    include the customer information to be stored in the SAFE record
  3. Upload the batch spreadsheet
    upload the batch spreadsheet