Before you Begin

The most crucial part of development is making sure the service or app works as expected without any issues, as this determines whether the integration will succeed. It is important to thoroughly test and examine all possible user interactions and input, so that any issues can be identified and debugged before they reach customers.

Create your API User

Always create a dedicated API user for each app, software, or service that will be integrating into the AGMS Gateway with a very strong password. Each API user should be set up with only the "Access API" permission and only configured to allow the specific transaction types needed (ideally, only "sale" and perhaps "auth" for auth-only).

If there will be two interfaces, a user interface and an admin interface, create two users to maintain the narrowest permissions possible for each connection. Never use the API user to log into the gateway virtual terminal. Not only will this require permissions to be opened up beyond what is necessary for the API, but it will also require that the API user's password is changed every 90 days. As long as the API user is never logged into the gateway through any means other than the API, its password will not expire.

In addition to creating an API user, make sure that you generate an API Key for the gateway account in the Merchant Configuration section.

Testing Recommendations

  • Verify that a transaction decline is properly handled.
  • Ensure that code behaves properly with excessively high and low transaction amounts, such as running a sale for a negative number or for a very high number.
  • Ensure that code performs proper validation of input and is set to always send the minimum required fields as part of the API request.
  • Test what happens when the server is unable to communicate with the gateway.
  • Verify that all API errors are handled properly.
  • Maintain adequate logs so that proper investigation can be performed in the event of an unexpected issue.
  • Follow AGMS Best Practices relevant to the implementation of the app or service to mitigate fraud, breach, and chargeback risk.

The AGMS Gateway is equipped with a demo environment for testing and debugging integrations. If you would like to be issued a demo account, please contact us. Dedicated test accounts are unique to each developer, free to use, and can simulate any transactions in test mode.

Test Payment Information

The information listed below only applies to dedicated demo accounts used for testing.

Payment Field Value Details
Amount Amount < $1.00 Specifying an amount less than $1.00 will result in a declined transaction.
Amount Amount >= $1.00 Specifying an amount greater than or equal to $1.00 will result in an approved transaction.
Card Number 4111111111111111 Use this test CC number when testing credit card transactions on a demo account.
Expiration Date 01/2025 A valid testing expiration date is simply any date in the future.

AGMS Gateway Transaction API Key

A Transaction API Key can be easily generated via the AGMS Gateway by following the steps below.

It is important to note that if a new Transaction API Key is generated for an account, then the previous Transaction API Key will no longer be valid.

  1. In the AGMS Gateway, navigate to Settings and click Merchant Configuration
    In the AGMS Gateway, navigate to Settings and click Merchant Configuration
  2. Click Generate New Transaction API Key
    Click Generate New Transaction API Key
  3. Copy the Transaction API Key and use where applicable
    Copy the Transaction API Key and use where applicable