Recurring Billing

Our Recurring Billing feature provides for secure storage of customer billing information with flexible, automated billing schedules that can be created, edited, and disabled at any time.

AGMS Gateway Recurring Billing setup

Advanced Options

The AGMS Gateway's powerful features allow for highly advanced and customizable schedules. All of the following parameters are available and can be edited at any time, even after the recurring billing begins.

Value Description
Initial Amount The first payment amount charged to the customer.
Recurring Amount The repeating amount charged to the customer each regular billing cycle.
Frequency How often the customer is charged, can be intervals of days, weeks, or months.
Next Date Choose the exact day when the customer's billing will occur.
End Date The last date the customer will be charged. If left empty, the billing will continue perpetually until disabled.
Re-attempt The number of times to automatically re-attempt a failed transaction.

Recurring API

Recurring Billing can be fully managed with our Recurring Billing API for direct integration to an app or system.

Recurring Projections

Gain insight into revenue flow with our unique Recurring Projections report. The Recurring Projections Report presents predicted income from all recurring billing plans for any period of time that. Projections can be grouped by month or week, and are available for export via Excel or standard csv file format.

AGMS Gateway Recurring Billing Projections AGMS Gateway Recurring Billing Projection Report