Express Daily Reporting Portal

Express Portals are custom-built mini-portals which can be developed for a small additional fee to optimize a specific step a payments workflow. Express Portals are ideal for businesses with more sophisticated needs who do not have the availability or capability to develop a custom solution themselves, utilizing standard AGMS Gateway APIs to personalize a focused interface for some function of the gateway. Express Portals are a great way to solve a particular workflow challenge for much less than developing a custom solution from the ground up.

The Express Daily Reporting Portal provides lightning-fast reporting and exporting of transaction data to custom specifications. Data can be specific to one location and gateway account or span multiple in a single report. Express Daily Reports are a plug-and-play solution to export data in a very specific way for immediate import into an existing business process or system.

The exact order, format, and presentation of information is completely customizable according to the specifications of the business. In this example, the Express Portal is built to quickly report individual transactions for a single day and export them to a CSV spreadsheet.

AGMS Gateway Express Daily Reporting

Generate an Express Report

Here is a simple walkthrough on how to generate a report using the Express Daily Reporting portal.

  1. Click the date field
    click the Express Daily Reporting date field
  2. Select the date to run a report for
    select the date for the report
  3. Click Generate
    click generate to generate the report
  4. Select the format to export the report, or simply print it
    click generate to generate the report