Customer SAFE

The Customer SAFE is a hosted secure customer data storage service built right into the AGMS Gateway, also referred to as Tokenization. A Customer SAFE record allows business to store the customer's name, credit card information, contact information, billing information, shipping information, as well as custom fields - all protected by the AGMS Gateway's PCI Compliant encryption and security.

The Customer SAFE assigns each customer with a unique token called a SAFE ID. Once a customer is stored and has been assigned a SAFE ID, future transactions can be ran using just that SAFE ID instead of having to provide all of the customer information again, and most importantly without having to store the customer's credit card number.

Any business that wants to collect and securely store their customers’ information can use Customer SAFE tokenization to do so. Running transactions against stored Customer SAFE records is built into nearly every AGMS Gateway interface including the Virtual Terminal, Desktop Terminal, QuickBooks® Plugin, and Developer API.

Reduce Risk

Tokenization is PCI Compliant and used to securely store sensitive customer payment information for all Transaction Types. The Customer SAFE tokenization renders customer payment card data meaningless to hackers. This drastically minimizes or eliminates PCI risk.

Customer SAFE Key Benefits

  • Process transactions quickly for return customers
  • Process repeat transactions immediately using information stored "on file"
  • Implement tokenization into an app or service without the added expense of a dedicated tokenization provider or "specialized" gateway
  • View full transaction history for a single customer all tied to their record
  • Eliminate storage of sensitive cardholder data inside QuickBooks® and other systems without sacrificing functionality
  • Significantly reduce PCI scope for simpler PCI compliance validation

Managing SAFE Records

There are numerous ways to add Customer SAFE records, generally any time a transaction is processed there is a configurable option to save the customer's information for future use in the SAFE. Records can also be manually created in the Virtual Terminal, which is also where lists and reports of existing SAFE records can be pulled and records can be modified or disabled.

Customer SAFE API

The Customer SAFE is deeply embedded into the AGMS Gateway APIs, with both automatic and opt-in record creation fully supported when running transactions and a dedicated API for SAFE reporting and management.